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Open Media Platforms Dashboard solution supports a wide array of databases, CRM software, and other technologies, making it easy to extract data from your existing systems and build dashboards quickly. Discover more using the links below.

Open Media Platform has the ability to work with your Google Analytics data in order to create visual reports that let you go beyond the numbers and uncover the real story of what’s happening to your web traffic. Finding out where people are coming from and what exactly they are doing when on your website is vital to your success. Let OMP help you build the proper business reports based on your real-time Google Analytics data.

Dashboard Solutions

Create a Google Analytics dashboard showing your website traffic, conversions, page performance, and related metrics. Compare these metrics side-by-side with data from other systems to discover new and interesting cause-and-effect relationships.

For example:

  • Google Analytics + CRM datacan help discover relationships between sales activities and web traffic
  • Google Analytics + Marketing Datato see how marketing campaigns translate into web traffic and conversions
  • Google Analytics + Customer Sat Datato see how changes in customer perception affect online popularity
  • Google Analytics + Social Media Data to see a complete picture of online performance

OMP Dashboard is a powerful data visualization platform that enhances the basic charting functionality in your Microsoft Dynamics CRM application. Our mobile dashboards and apps, self-service analysis, and powerful interactive features help your users get more out of their Dynamics CRM data. And with support for hundreds of other data sources, your users can build dashboards that combine Dynamics CRM data with information from other areas of your business for true business analysis.

Dashboard Solutions

OMP Connects

Our Microsoft Dynamics data connector allows you to build powerful dashboards and visualizations that pull data from a variety of sources. This can provide valuable insights that Dynamics CRM alone is unable to provide.

  • Microsoft Dynamics + Google Analyticsshows how customers evolve from online prospects to leads to paying customers
  • Microsoft Dynamics + Call Tracking Datato discover relationships between marketing / sales activities and inbound customer calls or outbound sales calls
  • Microsoft Dynamics + Marketing Datato see which marketing campaigns and activities result in sales
  • Microsoft Dynamics + Bug Tracking Datato see which feature requests or bugs have the highest potential sales impact

Learn more about your business analytics and discover opportunities for change and growth by looking at a single page, easy to read dashboard. Open Media Platform allows you to visually explore your data warehouse, regardless of its size. Based on specific dimensions, levels, or hierarchies, you can drill down to view important details quickly and easily. Customise your OLAP dashboard for all levels of your organization to ensure that all of your employees are viewing relevant information based on real-time data.

OLAP Data Cube Dashboard Sample

View our OLAP data Dashboard example to see how OMP displays the information from your data warehouse in a simple, concise way. To understand the powerful capabilities that OMP offers, try dropping metrics and dimensions onto the grid or chart in the Analysis tab.

This dashboard tracks sales and marketing performance, using data from an actual Salesforce CRM installation. A sales screen shows information about the sales pipeline, key accounts, and competitors. Sales managers can look at contacted and un-contacted leads and assign them to individual sales reps. Information about leads, including geographic data and leads count, helps the team monitor marketing performance.

Salesforce Dashboard Sample

Open Media Platform has studied the business challenges that face a majority of Salesforce users and has developed dashboards with those users in mind in order to help them unlock important business metrics that they need to see. If it’s stored in Salesforce, OMP can visualise it.

Enhance your Microsoft SharePoint portal with custom dashboards! OMP Dashboard can be installed site-wide as a SharePoint web part, or can be embedded in a SharePoint page using the dashboard URL. OMP dashboards can access SharePoint lists and Excel documents hosted on the SharePoint site, providing your business with advanced data visualization and dashboard capabilities.

Dashboard Solutions:

  • Create your own interactive dashboards, with over 50 types of charts, gauges, maps and other visualisations to choose from
  • Connect to SharePoint, Excel, Microsoft SQL and Analysis Services (SSAS), Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and hundreds of other data sources
  • Discuss data with co-workers, and subscribe to email notifications
  • Create data mashups from many different data sources
  • View and interact with dashboards on your mobile phone
  • Export data to Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, or PNG image
  • Take advantage of OMP’ best-practices design teams for rapid dashboard development

If you need to connect to data or applications that we haven’t listed, don’t worry. Our Open APIs allow you to connect with virtually any data source. OMP Dashboard aggregates your data from many sources, including spreadsheets, databases, web services, and even custom data sources, providing a central portal to your data no matter where it resides. As OMP Dashboard connects directly to your data, any change to that data will update your dashboards in real time.